Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Palin coverup

Shadowy forces are at work trying to undermine the investigation into Sarah Palin’s abuse of power scandal in Alaska. The latest word is that some loopy wingnut legal outfit from Texas called Liberty Legal Institute has gone north to try and intimidate the lawmakers who are looking into this scandal.
Steve Benen has a good rundown but thinks the media should be paying more attention.
I think the timing on this couldn’t be better. It is turning into a really nasty, first-rate cover-up scandal with Palin’s spokesperson now viciously attacking the former top police officer in Alaska:

You really can't experience the full effect of Monday's news conference featuring Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton unless you hear it for yourself. Stapleton passionately attacked former Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan. Her rhetoric was plain, desperate, and obvious. Her tone, pure shrill.
With intensity, urgency, and alarm in her voice, Stapleton described Monegan's behavior as commissioner as egregious insubordination, full of obstructionist conduct and a brazen refusal to follow instructions.
Did Walt Monegan, former Marine, and lifetime crime fighter deserve this? Of course not.
But history has proven, get in the way of Sarah Barracuda's political ambition, and you won't know what hit you.

The question now is whether they truly believe that this kind of heavy-handed obstructionism and nasty politics is going to make this scandal go away before election day? More likely, it will just exacerbate it. They want to keep the report from coming out before election day? Go ahead. That will just make everyone assume the worst. The more effort they put into squelching the investigation, the more attention will be drawn toward it. It’s a vicious circle and one that is partly of their own making.

Meanwhile, the shine has come off of Palin’s candidacy and her approval rating is dropping like a rock. She had a brief window of time to get a bounce out of an appealing personal story and a mostly-made-up professional one. Now that the truth is starting to leak out and penetrate the electorate’s conscience she is not as appealing as she once was. It is the same thing that Obama already went through, except he ultimately had more substance and more promise once the initial hype faded away.

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