Thursday, September 18, 2008

More charts and graphs

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt has even more charts and graphs to show Why It Matters: McCain vs. Obama and the Problems of the American Economy

The bottom line for the Bush Administration is that it has not fulfilled its primary purposes: it did not improve the standard of living for most Americans; it was hardly a prudent steward of the taxpayers' money; it did not carefully regulate financially institutions that are important to the well-being of our economy; and it did not suppress foreign terrorism or catch bin Laden.

John McCain would be not just more of the same, but much worse. Of the many concerns about his candidacy, perhaps the most damning is that he does not realize that at a fundamental level the critical trends that underlie the future of our economy and society need to be changed. We are heading in the wrong direction, and yet John McCain thinks it is the right direction, and would have us move faster down the declining path.

Americans earn less than they should, pay more than they should for necessities, and work less than they want or need to do. They have less choice and opportunity to get education after high school. They have too hard a time getting trained for work in the modern economy. They should get, and they don't get, ever better, ever faster and ever cheaper transportation and communications services. They should get, and they don't get, easy, widely available and reasonably priced access on a long term basis to green electricity, high mileage vehicles and energy efficient buildings, including residential housing. They should have reliable and secure health care and pensions and savings plans; they don't.

When the national economy produces more and more, as it does most years, Americans should all see their incomes rise at more or less the same rate that the economy grows. They don't. The Bush economic policies that John McCain wants to continue enable people at the very top of the income ladder to take a disproportionate share of the growth and increase the value of their assets. People in the middle do not get a fair shake.

Click through and check out all the charts and graphs he has to back up what he is saying.

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