Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lyle Larson gets down and dirty with the pigs

I got my first campaign flyer from Republican Lyle Larson’s campaign last week. He is the one trying to unseat Democrat Ciro Rodriguez and reclaim the 22nd Congressional District for the Rs after Henry Bonilla lost it in 2006.
The flyer is little more than a rehash of the stuff that is on his website which I discussed in this post.
But now it seems that Larson is out with a television ad, although he already had to pull it once, temporarily, because he failed to approve it on air as required by federal law.
But the ad itself deserves further comment:

The 30-second TV spot features Larson standing behind several pigs on a farm.
The ad never mentions Rodriguez, D-San Antonio, but it likens Congress to hog farming, with special interests feeding at the trough “on our tax dollars.”
“It's time to put the feed away,” Larson says in the ad.

I guess we should note that one of the biggest hogs at the trough should rightfully be Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whose state pigs out on more pork-barrell projects per capita than any other state in the union.
But more importantly for San Antonio, what this ad is making explicitly clear is that if he is elected to Congress, Larson WILL NOT fight for the vital federal funding that San Antonio needs to complete work on the San Antonio River channel or to protect Camp Bullis from encroaching development. Nor will he fight for the other earmark projects for San Antonio like funding to expand Brooke Army Medical Center or any of the other military projects so important to the city’s economic future.
In other words, Larson is either lying right now or he would be a major disaster as a congressman once in office. Either way he should not be trusted with your vote.

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