Thursday, September 18, 2008

Democrats vs. Republicans, the stats

Everybody fares better under Democratic presidents and Michael Kinsley has the charts to prove it.

On average, in years when the president is a Democrat, the economy grows faster; inflation is lower; fewer people can't find a job; the federal government spends a smaller share of GDP, whether or not you include defense spending; and the deficit is lower (or—sweet Clinton-years memory—the surplus is higher). The one category that Republicans win is, unsurprisingly, federal taxes as a share of GDP. But it is no trick to lower taxes if you don't lower spending.

And over at Daily Kos, we are reminded again why that is. Because Conservatism Is An Utter Failure - or at least the brand of “conservatisim” practiced by Republicans today.

In the meantime, I think we should all be concerned that John McCain just forget where Spain was.
And also disturbing is the fact that Sarah Palin thinks the bailout of insurance giant AIG had something to do with construction bonds.
Are these people for real??? This must be why the McCain campaign won’t let Palin anywhere near a reporter or a microphone without a script.

And then there is McCain’s bizarre effort this week to reinvent himself in the mode of John Edwards and claim that he is going to take on the “Good Ol’ Boy” network in Washington.
Here is Barack Obama’s response:

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