Friday, October 02, 2009

Olympic disappointment

I was disappointed to learn today that Chicago didn’t win its bid for the 2016 Olympics. But I was absolutely disgusted by the response of many Republicans who literally cheered the news.
That their bitter hatred for President Obama is so intense that it would override any feelings of pride or love of their country is despicable and shameful.
Charges that Obama was “wasting” taxpayer money by flying to Copenhagen to lobby the IOCC are petty and partisan. Charges that he should be spending more time on Afghanistan or health care are hypocritical and ignorant. Obama has given far more attention to both those areas than his predessor did over the past eight years.
Just imagine if it was President McCain, rather than President Obama, supporting an Olympic bid by Phoenix. Would these same partisans be attacking him and celebrating when the bid fell short? I would think not.
I would think that there were still some things that we could all agree on in the country. It is sad that this is not the case for such a large segment of our people.