Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alberto "Finally" Gone-zales

Good riddance to Alberto Gonzales, the Worst.Attorney.General.Ever. His shameful tenure as the most partisan hack to ever run the Justice Department is finally coming to a close. Only the Worst.President.Ever would have kept someone like Gonzales in office so long after it became clear that he was using the Jutice Department as a partisan tool to promote Republican and Bush administration objectives. Such abuse of executive branch powers had not been seen since the days of Richard Nixon.
Unfortunately, we still have George W. Bush who will select the next AG and he is already being urged by his remaining base of supporters on the far-right to tap someone who will be an in-your-face insult to liberals and moderates who objected to Gonzales in the first place. My prediction is that we will have a long-drawn out confirmation battle and essentially will not have another AG other than the acting AG for the remainder of Bush's term.

In other news, it seems that right-wing moral crusader and Republican Senator from Idaho Larry Craig got himself arrested last month for lewd behaviour in an airport men's room.
So what is it with Republican politicians anyway? First we had Mark Foley and then Sen. David Vitter and now Sen. Larry Craig. They sure can pick 'em, can't they!