Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Olympic flashbacks at the Democratic Convention

I feel like I'm still watching the Olympics.
Every person who gives a speech at the Democratic convention gets judged by the pundits the same way the athletes in Beijing would get judged after every event.
Last night, Hillary Clinton nailed her dismount after a flawless performance on the uneven bars. But Keynote Speaker Mark Warner fumbled badly like a gymnast who landed on his knees after a vault. Or at least that's the way the pundits judged it.
Tonight, Bill Clinton dominated his event like Usain Bolt running the 100-meter dash and made it look easy. John Kerry also impressed with his performance on the rings. But Joe Biden stutter-stepped after his less than fantastic pomel horse routine. Or so the pundits judged.


And now after having watched Biden's speech, I realize that the pundits are just as boneheaded and full of it as many of the Olympic judges in Beijing. That was a terrific speech and just because it was partially overshadowed by Bill Clinton's tour de force doesn't mean it wasn't also great in its own right.

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