Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good news on Senate races

I don’t think the presidential polls will be worth much until after both conventions are over, but these Senate polls are highly encouraging.

Last week we had good news in Minnesota where Al Franken has evened things up and even inched ahead of Republican Sen. Norm Coleman.
Franken has been down in polls for some time and I was concerned that his might be the one race we lose this cycle. Now maybe not.

And today we get this great news out of North Carolina: Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan has taken a lead over incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole.

And the best news of all comes out of Alaska where Sen. Ted Stevens campaign is falling like a rock. I think this graphic from Pollster.com illustrates it best:

Now if Rick Noriega could just get some traction against John Cornyn here in Texas...

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