Thursday, August 28, 2008

More of the McSame and Pawlenty of it

Veep speculation on the Republican side has reached it’s high point, which (Yawn!) ain’t all that high.
Who will McSame pick to go down in flames with him this November?
Mitt Romney, the wealthy Mormon from Massachusetts who has flip-flopped almost as many times as McCain has?
Or Holy Joe Lieberman, the turncoat Democrat and No. 1 apologist for Bush’s quagmire in Iraq?
Or will it be that guy who no one has ever heard of - Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota? What’s his story? I haven’t cared enough to try and find out.
Or is there some other dark horse pick out there waiting to surprise us?
The suspense is so high it is ummm, it’s uhhh... Wait. What were we talking about again?

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