Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Keeping "People of Faith" off the Bench

News Flash

Conservative Christian leaders railed against the filibusters Sunday night at a nationally televised rally in Louisville, Kentucky.
Speakers characterized the filibusters as a Democratic-led campaign to keep "people of faith" off the federal bench.

So if the Democrats are blocking all the "People of Faith" from the federal bench, does that mean all the other judges that have been approved are not "People of Faith"?

Democrats have blocked 10 of Bush's 215 judicial nominees through filibuster threats, contending they were too far to the right to be fair judges; 205 have been confirmed.

So why is President Bush appointing all these non-People of Faith? More than 95 percent of his nominees are apparently heathen pagans and non-believers. Why aren't these Christian conservatives upset with Bush for such a dreadful record of court appointments?

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