Friday, April 29, 2005

GOP's awful excuse for a budget

What an absolute travesty this Republican budget is.

...a $2.56 trillion federal budget for 2006 that aims to trim the growth of Medicaid by $10 billion over five years, add $106 billion in tax cuts and clear the way for oil drilling in an Alaskan wildlife refuge.

So the Republican budget calls for $10 billion in cuts to healthcare services for the poor while turning around and showering the wealthiest folks with $106 billion in tax cuts.

I especially like this part of the story buried at the bottom of the article in the Washington Post:

The cost of those tax-cut extensions would more than nullify the savings from the spending cuts... the budget instructs lawmakers to raise the federal government's statutory debt limit this fall by $781 billion, to $8.96 trillion. The government's borrowing limit will then have climbed by $3 trillion since Bush took office.

There is the Bush legacy for you: $3 trillion added to the nation's debt - and climbing.
And don't forget that the billions being spent on the Iraqi quagmire is all off budget stuff!

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