Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Americans oppose eliminating filibuster

This really isn’t surprising.

...a strong majority of Americans oppose changing the rules to make it easier for Republican leaders to win confirmation of President Bush's court nominees, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll....

...The wide-ranging survey also recorded a precipitous decline in support for the centerpiece of Bush's Social Security plan -- private or personal accounts...

...The poll also registered drops in key Bush performance ratings, growing pessimism about the economy and continuing concern about U.S. involvement in Iraq....

The radicals who run the Republican Party today are constantly on the wrong side of public opinion. Whether it is pushing forward with a pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, privatizing Social Security or getting involved in the Terry Schiavo case - they are constantly pushing an agenda that is contrary to popular opinion.
Unfortunately for American democracy, they don’t care. President Bush and his supporters believe they have been annointed by God himself and therefore do not care what anyone else thinks. And as long as they can depend on gobs of corporate campaign money, a jury-rigged election system and a public that is easily duped by phony terror alerts and tall tales of imminent threats posed by tiny far away nations, they won’t have to.

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