Thursday, March 24, 2005

Who pays for care?

Interesting article in the WSJ today (page A4) about who is paying for all the medical treatment and care that Terri Schiavo has been receiving. Earlier I had mistakenly assumed that all of her care was being handled privately by the family. But according to this article the hospice where Terri currently resides has footed the bill for the past two years on a pro bono basis while Medicaid has picked up the tab for her prescription medications.
But that could change if this goes on much longer...

If the Schindlers prevail in the court appeal and Ms. Schiavo’s feeding tube is replaced, she could stay alive for many years. The hospice, when deciding to pay most of Mrs. Schiavo’s bills, “thought it was going to be short term,” said Deborah Bushnell, an attorney who represents Michael Schiavo. If Ms. Schiavo’s feeding tube is hooked up again, donated care is unlikely, she added. “She’s going to be on the government dole.”

I don’t have a problem with Mrs. Schiavo going on the government dole, but I question the sincerity of some of these Republican politicians who are demanding that her medical treatment continue indefinitely while at the same time voting to slash $18 billion from Medicaid. That’s the Republican “Culture of Life” for you - lots of lip service about the sactity of life up until the point where it starts to affect their wallets.

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