Wednesday, March 23, 2005

One of my liberal heros

One of my favorite Hollywood liberals is Paul Newman, who doesn’t even live in Hollywood.
Married to the same woman (Joanne Woodward) for 47 years and founder of a non-profit corporation that raises millions for charity, Newman is the opposite of nearly every Hollywood stereotype and caricature that the right likes to harp about.
Now 80, Newman recently said he is thinking about retiring.
I certainly hope not. Especially since he adds that there is still a chance that he and Robert Redford could reunite on a future film project.
When I was working in Connecticut in the early ‘90s I had several opportunities to write about charitable donations by Newman’s Own which is also based there. One was to the National Theatre of the Deaf which is a troup of deaf actors who travel around performing wordless plays and skits for deaf children.
I’ve tried to make a point of purchasing Newman’s Own products ever since.

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