Thursday, March 24, 2005

Maligning Michael Schiavo

While driving home the other day I had the opportunity to listen to the newest San Antonio talk radio station KAHL AM1310 which was airing Carl Wiglesworth’s show.
I became intrigued as I listened to Wiglesworth read from a 40-page report on the Terri Schiavo case prepared for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by Dr. Jay Wolfson, a professor of public health and law at the University of South Florida, who was appointed by the Florida courts in 2003 to be Terri Schiavo's guardian ad litem. Here is the 40-page report which provides exhaustive details of the history and background of this case.

What struck me is how much of the crap that is being spewed on other talk radio stations, cable TV news programs and across the blogosphere is flatly contradicted by the facts in this case. For instance, I’ve heard countless times that Michael Schiavo refused to provide any rehab care for Terri when in fact he spent the first four or five years after her collapse providing her with the best possible treatment. Even if you disagree with Michael Schiavo’s decision to have Terri’s feeding tube removed over the objections of her parents, you can’t read this report and not come to the conclusion that he is being unfairly maligned and defamed in this matter.

Today we have people making outrageous allegations against Mr. Schiavo that ignore reams of medical documents in the case. They claim that Terri’s collapse was not the result of a potassium deficiency brought on by her extreme and rapid weight loss and her eating disorder, but instead was due to Mr. Schiavo’s attempt to murder her by strangulation.
Then we have the media giving wide airing of the charges brought by former nurse Carla Iyer that have already been dismissed by the courts as being “incredible.” Here is what the judge had to say about Ms. Iyer’s affidavit which is being used to tar and feather Mr. Schiavo:

“Ms. Iyer details what amounts to a 15-month cover-up which would include the staff of Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center, the Guardian of Person, the Guardian ad Litem, the medical professionals, the police, and, believe it or not, Mr. and Mrs. Schindler.”

So in addition to this vast conspiracy, we are also supposed to believe Ms. Iyer when she insists that she alone has witnessed Terri being responsive, interactive, and talking (and probably jumping out of bed and doing a song and dance number as well.)

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