Monday, August 03, 2009

Radical Right - Today’s Hippie protesters

The video of an angry mob chanting “Just Say No!” over and over again in an effort to harass U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett during a forum on health care is a prime example of how Radicalism has replaced Conservatism in this country.
These people are no different than the radical “Hippies” of the 1960s who came to represent left-wing or liberal politics all the way to the present. If anything, they are even angrier than the “Flower Power” children of the 60s ever were.
It is disturbing that these radicals are organizing protests around the country with the express purpose of drowning out any efforts to examining the health care debate in a civil manner.
Do you suppose the national media will start portraying these radicals in the same negative light that their 60s counterparts were? Or will they be too cowed by these braying morons’ charges of “liberal bias” to dare offer any critical coverage?

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