Monday, August 18, 2008

Term Limits Blues

My city council person recently found herself in some hot water as a result of a vacation she took in 2007 in which she stayed for free in a condo in Cancun belonging to one of her wealthy campaign contributors (who just happened to have some development business before the city).
An innocent mistake? Naive? Something a more experienced council person would not have done? Perhaps. But needless to say we have been seeing lots more of these kinds of mistakes with our term-limited, neutered city council.

But now I find out that this latest scandal is being used by some folks as an excuse to oppose extending term limits. Are these people nuts!?! If it weren’t for term limits, I would still have Art Hall as my city council person and Diane Cibrian would not be in office today.
Jaime Castillo makes the point very well in the above linked column. What we are seeing today is not a reason for limiting terms, it is the direct result of having such a moronic term limits policy in the first place.

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