Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain's housing problem is growing

From Greenwald:

McCain lives a life that is about as far removed from the Average American as one can get, and has done so for decades. What's notable is how McCain was able to live that way. McCain himself isn't actually rich. He just lives off the inherited wealth of his much younger, former mistress and now-second-wife -- for whom he dumped his older and disfigured first wife -- and who then used her family's money to fund his political career and keep him living in extreme luxury...

Extreme luxury indeed.

And the grand total of houses the McCains own is...
...anywhere from eight to eleven homes, depending on how you count it.

And now we learn that McCain spends $270,000 a year on domestic servants to take care of his 8-11 homes valued at $13 million.

The fact that McCain had no clue about how many homes he owns tells you that he is not the slightest bit concerned about having to make mortgage payments. This is a family that can drop $2 million on a second beachfront condo in an incredibly posh resort community in California simply because “the kids” were starting to use the first one more frequently.

Yes, this definitely matters.
And the reason why the faux Rezko scandal isn’t going to work to counter this is because that whole situation only reminds people just how poor Obama is in comparison to McCain.
Do you think the McCain’s ever had to worry with negotiating with a nextdoor neighbor over a sliver of land just so that they could have a side yard on one of their homes? Not on your life. If they wanted more room, they just bought the neighboring condo to add to their property, like McCain did at his home in Phoenix.
And has anyone gone through all of these real estate transactions with a finetooth comb looking to see if the McCain’s got any breaks or special treatment? Were any of their financial backers involved? Where’s the so-called Liberal Media on that question?

And the other big question I have is how the heck does John McCain get away with paying only $4,000 in property taxes? That’s not much more than what I pay and my one and only house is worth only about a quarter of the loft apartment McCain bought for his daughter Meghan.

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