Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ciro vs. Bonilla

I’m absolutely thrilled that Republican Henry Bonilla has been forced into a runoff election next month (Dec. 9) with Ciro Rodriguez. Despite Bonilla’s high name recognition, bags and bags of corporate campaign cash and non-stop TV commercials airing during the final weeks ofthe campaign, a majority of the voters in District 23 chose to vote for someone else. That gives me hope that he can be defeated.
I cast my vote for Lukin Gilliland, who I thought ran a very respectable and positive campaign. Now I am throwing all my support to Rodriguez, the former congressman, and I would urge others to do so as well.
I hope that the national Democratic Party will take heed to this race and come in with some extra campaign cash which I’m sure Ciro will be needing.
I also hope that the Express-News will rethink its lame endorsement of Bonilla for the special election. Now that the Democrats are in charge of the House, it would be much better for the district to send a member of the majority party, and one who already has experience and seniority to represent them than someone who will be little more than an ineffective back-bencher.

I was also pleased to see that Democrat Joe Farias was able to withstand all the slime that was thrown his way by Republican George Antuna in what had to be the most despicable campaign by a local politician in years. Despite the fact that the Express-News had exposed Antuna’s allegations of corruption against Farias as lies, Antuna kept up the attacks throughout the campaign.

And in other good news, Charles Kuffner reports that Democrat Juan Garcia has claimed victory in HD32 against incumbent Repbulican Gene Seaman. That would make five state House pickups for Texas Democrats with no corresponding losses.

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