Thursday, August 18, 2005

San Antonio High Schools

If we stay put long enough, and I have no intention of moving anytime soon, our son may one day go to Sandra Day O’Connor High School. Knowing that we also have a high school here in town named after Ronald Reagan, that got me wondering about the names of other area high schools.
It seems that the local school officials have had a tendency to name schools after famous historical and political figures - particularly presidents and Supreme Court justices - with about a 4-1 preference for Republicans.

For instance we have six schools named after former presidents - three Republican:

Ronald Reagan
William Howard Taft
Theodore Roosevelt

and one Democrat:

John F. Kennedy

Plus two named for founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who were both members of the Democratic-Republican Party which is not directly linked to either of the two modern day parties.

Then we have six schools named after former Supreme Court justices.
Of these, two were Federalists - the nation’s first poltical party:

John Jay
John Marshall

one was appointed by a Democrat:

Thomas C. Clark

and three were appointed by Republicans:

Oliver Wendell Holmes
Earl Warren
Sandra Day O’Connor

Then we have two schools named after famous military figures:

Douglas MacArthur, who nearly ran for president as a Republican,
and Robert E. Lee, leader of the Confederate forces during the Civil War.

Finally we have one school named after the inventor Thomas A. Edison
and one named after Winston Churchill, who was the British Prime Minister during WWII (and the leader of Great Britain’s Conservative Party).

We also have one school named after G.W. Brackenridge, a leading citizen of San Antonio from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Plus a few other that I haven’t yet figured out what their names stand for - people or places? - including:


I don’t know if we have any junior high or elementary schools named after famous people. Most, I believe, are named after local figures like former school superintendents and the like.

I’d be curious to know how they come up with these names when they are building new high schools.

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