Friday, May 06, 2005

Time to vote

I understand there is an election thingee going on this weekend.
Can’t say that I’ve paid a great deal of attention to it. Several other local blogs have done a fine job covering the ins and outs of the local races:

The Jeffersonian
Just Another Blog
B and B
San Antonio Election 2005

And for a detailed look at the elections check out the excellent San Antonio, TX Election Information site.

As for my preferences, I will be casting a vote for Phil Hardberger for Mayor, although I think Julian Castro will win big.

I will also be casting a vote in support of my City Councilman Art Hall and I am resentful that he will be forced to leave office in just two more years because of San Antonio’s moronic term limits law.

And I will be supporting the first two ballot initiatives and probably the third one as well.

So everyone go out and do your patriotic duty and vote if you live in the city limits.

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