Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Poll: Iraq war not worth it

No doubt the liberal media is to blame for this.

A majority of Americans do not believe it was worth going to war in Iraq, according to a national poll released Tuesday.
Fifty-seven percent of those polled said they did not believe it was worth going to war, versus 41 percent who said it was, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of 1,006 adults.

If the media would just quit covering these kinds of stories and stick to feel-good stories about our troops building new schools and passing out humanitarian aid, I’m sure the poll results would have been different.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has admitted to Congress that operations in Iraq have constrained our military’s ability to tackle other potential conflicts, making any future war more likely to be longer and bloodier.

Myers stated in the report that U.S. armed forces would "succeed" in any future major conflict but "may be unable to meet expectations for speed or precision."
Any future armed conflicts "may result in significantly extended campaign timelines, and achieving campaign objectives may result in higher casualties and collateral damage," the report stated.

But that’s not what our straight-talking President Bush has been telling us all this time...

Bush was asked during an April 28 news conference whether troop commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan were limiting U.S. military options elsewhere in the world. Bush responded that he asked Myers a similar question.
"I say, 'Do you feel that we've limited our capacity to deal with other problems because of our troop levels in Iraq?' And the answer is, 'No,' he doesn't feel we're limited. He feels like we've got plenty of capacity," Bush told reporters.

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