Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Favorite TV theme music

What are your favorite TV show theme songs? Which themes immediately come to mind. Don’t just pick out your favorite shows. There have been TV shows that I liked where I can’t recall the theme, and then shows I didn’t like where I can’t get the theme out of my head. If a theme song sticks with you it must have some positive traits.

retroCRUSH: The World's Finest Pop Culture Site has been counting down the Top 100 TV show theme songs of all time. They have posted 100-30 so far with 29 slots left. They are slowly adding to their list at about one or two a week and now I’m curious about which shows are left to fill out the top of their list.

Here is what they have listed so far:

100. Petticoat Junction
99. CBS Special Theme
98. Welcome Back Kotter
97. The Odd Couple
96. Danger Man/Secret Agent
95. Night Court
94. The Six Million Dollar Man
93. Star Blazers
92. Casper the Friendly Ghost
91. Family Feud
90. Underdog
89. Battlestar Galactica
88. The Lone Ranger
87. Hong Kong Phooey
86. Seinfeld
85. The Green Hornet
84. Laverne & Shirley
83. The Price is Right
82. The Sopranos
81. Square Pegs
80. Mr. Belvedere
79. Dark Shadows
78. Dragnet
77. Three’s Company
76. Mister Ed
75. Taxi
74. Sledge Hammer
73. The Rookies
72. Sesame Street
71. Hill Street Blues
70. The Mickey Mouse Club
69. Rawhide
68. The Ren & Stimpy Show
67. The Dick Van Dyke Show
66. Diff’rent Strokes
65. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
64. WKRP in Cincinnati
63. South Park
62. The Simpsons
61. Leave It To Beaver
60. The Love Boat
58. I Dream of Jeannie
57. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
56. The Streets of San Francisco
55. George of the Jungle
54. Lost In Space
53. Kung Fu
52. Happy Days
51. Ultraman
50. The Cosby Show
49. The A-Team
48. The Muppet Show
47. The Match Game
46. Knight Rider
45. Green Acres
44. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
43. The Dukes of Hazzard
42. Cheers
41. SWAT
40. Speed Racer
39. Pee Wee’s Playhouse
38. Peter Gunn
37. The Addams Family
36. MASH
35. Chico and the Man
34. The Benny Hill Show
33. The Banana Splits
32. Barney Miller
31. The X-Files
30. What’s Happening!

A pretty compelling list so far. I don’t agree with all of the picks. Some are obvious, others are surpirses. I was happy to see some of my favorites on there like Speed Racer and The Banana Splits.

Here is my best guess as to some of the show themes that will fill out the top 30:

Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Friends, Danger Mouse, Scooby Doo, Gilligan’s Island, The Beverly Hillbillies, ER, Spider Man, Miami Vice, Hawaii Five-0, Batman, Bonanza, Baretta, Mission: Impossible, All In the Family, The Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, The Brady Bunch, The Flintstones, The Monkees...

What am I missing?

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