Friday, November 12, 2004

Playing Whack A Mole in Iraq

As our military wraps up a costly and hard fought effort to subdue insurgents in Fallujah, we are now getting reports that insurgents are popping up in other cities once thought to be under control.

”Despite the apparent success in Fallujah, violence flared elsewhere in the volatile Sunni Muslim areas, including Mosul, where attacks Thursday killed a U.S. soldier. Another soldier was killed in Baghdad as clashes erupted Friday in at least four neighborhoods of the capital. Clashes also broke out from Hawija and Tal Afar in the north to Samarra - where the police chief was also fired - and Ramadi in central Iraq.”

It feels like we are playing Whack A Mole. We bash one mole in Fallujah and three more pop their heads up in different parts of the country.

The Bush administration never thought this process through. They thought the war would have been over six months ago or earlier. So you know they are just spinning their wheels right now with no clue as what to do next. I just hope that those pre-election rumors that Bush would pull the troops out as fast as he could after the election prove to be more accurate than the exit polls. I don’t believe we can subdue an entire nation militarily. We need to pull our forces out and put in a U.N. peacekeeping force composed mostly of Arab and Muslim soldiers to try and clean up the mess that has been made.

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