Friday, November 12, 2004

Nacho Guarache

Nacho Guarche
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Nacho Guarache is a great local comic strip... Far superior to the awful Mallard Fillmore and the nauseating Prickly City. But it can still rub me the wrong way when he goes off on a tangent.

In this strip we have the token liberal - Grandma Fulano - mouthing the following nonsense:

"Maybe it is time we Democrats reevaluate the hard left direction the party has taken the last 40 years"

Last 40 years? What hard left direction is that, Mr. Garza? (Leo Garza is the strip's author) Are you referring to the Civil Rights movement? Social Security and Medicare? Or maybe the New Deal era social justice programs that pulled our nation out of the Great Depression?

She then goes on to say "Maybe we need to seriously reconsider that the party is totally at odds with the concerns and desires and values of 52 million decent and honest Americans."

I assume the 52 million figure is supposed to represent W's popular vote total - which was actually closer to 58 million.
But Garza would have us ignore the fact that 55 million decent and honest Americans voted for John Kerry and find the Republican Party totally at odds with their concerns and values.

Like I said, Nacho is a great strip, but it also has a mean side that comes out most strongly whenever Garza decides to attack people who disagree with his extreme views on abortion.

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