Monday, September 01, 2003

Random Notes redux

My friend Mark Harden should be pleased this week to see that his browbeating campaign to persuade Express-News Insight Editor Joe Holley to add more conservative voices to the weekly Random Notes section of the Sunday paper has been very successful.

This week the right-left balance is a strikingly conservative 7-2 if you include the throw-away Martin Luther King quote at the end as a liberal statement.

First we have a quote from a New York Times war correspondent making the highly suspect statement that there were "probably fewer people (who) died in the six weeks since this war began than would have died if Saddam Hussein's killing machine had gone about its daily business." Of course, we still don't know how many people actually died during the U.S. bombing campaign and invasion so there is no solid figure to use for comparison. And while Hussein's regime was without a doubt corrupt and murderous, are we to really believe that they killed people at such a high rate for such a long period of time. Wouldn't they have depleted the nation's population at some point? Were they killing that many people everyday back when Dick Cheney and Halliburton were over there making millions rebuilding the country's infrastructure?

The second quote by the New York Times' Thomas Friedman is a right-wing pot shot at Palestinian statehood - something even Bush believes needs to happen.

Then we have quotes from Colin Powell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, right-wing blogger Mickey Kaus, Gov. Rick Perry and a Republican County Commissioner from Gillespie County.

The only real quote from the left is by the chairman of the Tejano Democrats trashing a Republican attack ad that aired on radio stations in the Valley.

Perhaps Holley is trying to make up for past instances where the random quotes have too heavily favored the liberal viewpoint, but nevertheless, Mark would not seem to have much to complain about this time around.

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