Friday, January 10, 2003

Looking back on 2002...
Aggies had a miserable season with the exception of the Oklahoma game. The Dallas Cowboys were no better. The San Antonio Spurs fizzled and then traded away good players for mediocre ones. The mid-term elections were scary! Paul Wellstone died. President Bush remains enormously popular despite running the economy into the ground. Primetime television continues to fill up with unwatchable reality shows.
On the bright side, I should have more free time in the evenings when there is no longer anything worth watching on TV. As it is, these are the only shows I am willing to waste my time in front of the boob tube for...
Enterprise (The Pre-Star Trek);
Judging Amy;
Providence (now canceled);

I've been trying to watch the new Twilight Zone episodes, but don't know how long that will last. Some of them are pretty bad and the rest are just average.

My wife figured out how to hook our phonograph to the computer last year and copy records onto CDs. Now I have a huge pile of records dug out from my closet that are waiting to be revived.

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