Wednesday, July 08, 2009

To Censure or Impeach

I noticed in South Carolina that Republicans have voted to “censure” Gov. Mark Sanford, rather than demand his resignation.
This, of course, is precisely what Democrats proposed to do with Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky affair was exposed by the salacious, crusader Ken Starr. But back then, Republicans did not think that was good enough and they pushed forward with a bid to impeach the president (which was successful in the House and fell short in the Senate). One of those Republican House members who cast aside the censure option and voted to impeach was then-Congressman Mark Sanford of S.C.
Oh, the irony.
Well, I don’t ever want to hear anymore blather from Republicans about how they are the guardians of all that is moral and uprighteous in this country. Because it is clear that political expediency takes precedense on both sides of the poltical spectrum.

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