Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cabinet speculation Part II

Revisiting a topic I brought up in March, more names are starting to pop up for possible cabinet posts in a Barack Obama administration. From serious looks at Obama insiders and advisors to speculation on popular political figures, there are lots of interesting choices.
I think Hillary Clinton is not likely to get the VP slot, but she could have her pick of cabinet posts (almost). The question is whether she would consider a stint as Secretary of HHS (where she wouldn’t even be the first woman to hold the post) to be worth her time. Or would she prefer to remain in the Senate and possibly hold out for a Supreme Court nomination as part of a deal to win her full support and backing for the Obama campaign.
Here are the cabinet posts with some names that have been tossed around for various posts:

President Barack Obama
Vice President Jim Webb/Bill Richardson/Hillary Clinton/Kathleen Sibelius
Secretary of State Joe Biden/Chris Dodd/ Bill Richardson
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel/Richard Lugar/Sam Nunn
Attorney General John Edwards/Eric Holder
Secretary of Education George Miller/Mazie Hirono
Secretary of Health and Human Services Hillary Clinton/Kathleen Sebelius
Secretary of Energy Janet Napolitano/Brian Schweitzer
Secretary of Homeland Security Richard Clarke/Richard Lugar
Secretary of Interior Arnold Schwarzennegger/Brian Schweitzer
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Max Cleland
Secretary of Commerce Michael Bloomberg/Harold Ford Jr./Olympia Snowe
Secretary of Treasury Chris Dodd/Larry Summers/Laura Tyson
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Harkin/Tom Vilsack
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Bill Bradley/Henry Cisneros
Secretary of Labor John Edwards/Ed Rendell/David Bonior
Secretary of Transportation Jesse Jackson Jr./Xavier Becerra/James Oberstar
Secretary of Environment Al Gore/Lincoln Chafee (New cabinet level position)

Chief of Staff Tom Daschle/David Plouffe
Office of Management and Budget Rosa DeLauro
U.S. Trade RepresentativeAustan Goolsbee
Office of National Drug Control Policy Kurt Schmoke
United Nations Ambassador Al Gore/Bill Richardson/Bill Clinton
National Security Advisor Susan Rice/Anthony Lake/Anthony Zinni
CIA Director Wesley Clarke

Who am I leaving out?

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