Friday, April 04, 2008

You say Goodbye, and I say Hello

I have finally decided to de-link All Things Conservative from my blogroll.
It was nearly three years ago that I welcomed ATC to the San Antonio blogging community. It almost immediately became more popular than my meager blogging effort and attracted a bevy of regular readers. But a couple of months ago its proprietor Bill Crawford inexplicably walked away from the site and for many weeks after it just sat there like a bloated corpse collecting comment spam like flies.
Then, a week ago or so, it was gone. Wiped out. Deleted. Three years worth of labor down the memory hole, only to be replaced with what can only be described as a sick joke of a website - a nameless, barren, non-descript site that looks less than half-finished and claims to be devoted to debunking global warming theories, but in truth, if you scroll down, is just a template for random advertisements. Pathetic.
It’s hard to understand why someone would devote three years of their life building up a blog like that only to turn around one day and delete the whole thing. I had contributed a few guest posts at the site over the years and had been one of the regular commenters, contributing to countless lengthy debates on a myriad of topics.
All gone. Just like Bill who just vanished without a word. Poof!
So it goes in the World Wide Web sometimes.

On the other hand, I’d like to formally welcome a new blog to the San Antonio blogging community called maximum volume. The anonymous author is a good friend of mine who I will say is very well connected and should have a lot of insightful things to say on many topics. Hopefully, with a little positive feedback we can encourage him to post more often on his new blog. So check him out.

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