Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rightwing revulsion to McCain

John McCain is going to win the Republican nomination for president and the rightwingers are NOT happy about it.
My friend Nick at Conservative Dialysis had denounced McCain as a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Texas Fred says “Conservatives have some work to do now, and that work is the job of keeping McCain OUT of the White House.”

Jimmyk is distraught because he believes “John McCain is for amnesty.”

And Owen at Boots and Sabers is prepared to sit out the next election in protest if McCain is the Republican nominee.

I’m jaded.  The McCain surge has me completely disillusioned about national politics.  I can’t vote for McCain.  I won’t. 

Before going poof and disappearing into the blogospheric ether, my old friend Bill Crawford had written off McCain and even when he was starting his comeback, was still convinced he could not win the nomination.

And rightwing radio yakker Mark Levin spells out some of the reasons for the conservative revulsion to McCain.


Texas Fred is now making it clear that he will NOT vote for McCain regardless of what happens:

I will officially go on record, here and now, and I make this a public disclosure to any and all that have doubts as to where I stand, IF John McCain is the candidate chosen by the RNC to run for the White House, I will NOT support the Republican choice, I won’t vote Dem, that’s not even an option, but I may very well be writing in a candidate for POTUS…

And most of his readers seem to agree. I certainly hope that he sticks with his convictions.

Meanwhile, comedian Rush Limbaugh is throwing down the gauntlet claiming that the nomination of McCain will fracture the GOP’s conservative base.

"He is not the choice of conservatives, as opposed to the choice of the Republican establishment — and that distinction is key," Limbaugh continued. "The Republican establishment, which has long sought to rid the party of conservative influence since Reagan, is feeling a victory today as well as our friends in the media. But both are just far-fetched and wrong.”

I’ll have more to say about this later.

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