Thursday, November 29, 2007

More E-N grousing

Today is a perfect example of why I am so disgusted with the Express-News editorial section these days. On the commentary page we have this unhinged rant from Ken Allard that would fit in well with the comments that Bill Crawford used to get at his All Things Conservative blog.

It is as though the land of the free had suddenly become the Wimpodite nation. As if Beowulf had inexplicably conceded that Grendel had issues or the Spartans at Thermopylae had sent a tactful note to the Persians deploring the senseless use of violence.
But with the war in Iraq turning decisively in our favor, the Democrats controlling Congress are living in Fantasyland, barely able to get up each morning without legislating fresh absurdities requiring U.S. troops to evacuate the combat zone in, let's say, the next 10 minutes or so.

Wimpodite nation!?! What the hell is that?? And Democrats are in Fantasyland because they want to withdraw our troops from that hellhole where they have been mired for the past four years? We’ve been in Iraq longer than we were in WWII for crying out loud. But no matter what the situation on the ground is, it is always the wrong time to withdraw. When things are going really bad we can’t leave because that would be cutting and running and al Qaeda would claim victory. And now that things are going less badly, we can’t leave because we are on the verge of victory (kind of like the insurgency was in its last throes a few years ago).

But if Allard’s rant isn’t bad enough, we also have syndicated wingnut Cal Thomas lauding rightwing paleocon Pat Buchanan for his xenophobic prescriptions on immigration.

But not to worry! We still have “liberal” columnists Rebecca Chapa and “liberal” cartoonist John Branch to add a little balance. So what does Chapa choose to talk about in her once-a-week column? She goes after leftist leader Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
OK, that’s fine and all and the guy does deserve criticism, but haven’t the rightwingers been pounding on the guy enough? Why does Chapa have to pile on too? Can’t she find some other topic to highlight that might be better at balancing out the hard-right tilt of the editorial page?
Oh, and Branch’s cartoon today? An attack on Hillary Clinton! What a surprise!

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