Thursday, June 08, 2006

Calm before the storm

I won’t deny that the GOP victory in the California special election was a big disappointment. But I thought the headline in the Washington Post story was a bit humorous:

Victory in California Calms GOP

Fearing humiliation in a race that drew national attention, the National Republican Congressional Committee pumped about $5 million into the race to replace imprisoned former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. The results settled Republican nerves, which have been set on edge by months of nearly relentless bad omens, including corruption scandals and dismal poll ratings for President Bush and the GOP leadership in Congress.

So they pump $5 million into a single congressional election - more than twice what the Democrats spent - in what had been a solidly Republican district and squeak out a victory with less than 50 percent of the vote. If this is enough to settle Republican nerves then good for them. The last thing I want is agitated Republicans revving up their base as we go into the November general election. I would much prefer that they remain complacent in their assurance that their redistricting shenanigans and big business-financed monetary advantage will once again carry the day and keep them in control of Congress.

But it does mean that Democrats are going to have to work that much harder and Independents are going to have to make a choice and answer a simple question, “Have you had enough, yet?” If not, then go ahead and vote to keep the Republicans in charge for the next two years. But eventually I have faith that people will get their fill of corruption, scandal, war, debt and a stagnant economy and we will finally see an electoral tidal wave that will change the face of Washington. And I’m still betting that such a storm is brewing and could strike this fall.

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