Tuesday, March 14, 2006

GOP longing for better days

Now that President Bush is sitting at an all-time low approval rating, I think it would be better for everybody if the Democrats would retake control of the government. Seriously. Democrats would be delighted, obviously. The country would be better off in the long-run with competent people back at the helm, and even Republicans would be happier.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Republican friends happier than they were back in the 1990s when the economy was booming, federal spending was declining, welfare rolls were being chopped and they could spend everyday bad-mouthing the Democrats and blaming Bill and Hillary Clinton for the demise of Western culture.
But today I see these same Republicans cringing everytime they pick up the newspaper or turn on the news and have to learn of some new idiocy perpetrated by this inept administration. What lunacy will they have to defend next? Bush appointing Harriet Meyers to the Supreme Court? Dick Cheney shooting someone in the face?
How many more scandals will they have to cover up and try desperately to ignore? Abramoff? Valerie Plame? Domestic spying?
What will be the next cherished ideal they will have to watch flounder and fail spectacularly? Supply-side economics? Gun-barrel diplomacy? Faith-based social services?
I see my conservative friends straining every day to come up with some new rationale for blaming all their current troubles on the liberal media or on powerless minority Democrats in Congress. You know they aren’t really taking it seriously. It’s more therapeutic than anything. If only there was some Democrat somewhere with some actual power and some actual authority who they could pass the buck to (and I’m not talking about the governor of Louisiana).
I know that deep down the Republicans miss the good old days when they were in the minority, free to lob bombs at their opponents while having no obligation to demonstrate that their ideas could actually work better.
Well, don’t worry, my friends! Happy days will soon be here again! Chin up, and all. We can weather these last few years of Republican irresponsibility before the electorate finally sets things straight once again. Then Republicans can go back to doing what they do best - representing this country’s wealthy minority and working with lobbyists to insert as many loopholes into the tax code as possible.

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