Thursday, January 19, 2006

Incompetent and wasteful

What a worthless waste of skin this David Barrett guy is! After 12 years and $23 million of taxpayer’s money, the best he can do is give us this whiny, lame excuse for why he came up empty-handed:

"In the end enough high-ranking officials with enough power were able to blunt any effort to bring about a full and independent examination of Cisneros' possible tax offenses in the face of what seemed to many to be obvious grounds for such an inquiry"

What the hell is that all about?? If high-level officials are impeding the investigation then you do what Patrick Fitzgerald did and you charge them with obstruction of justice. Otherwise, you shut your mouth about it. You don’t issue a report 12 years after the fact that seeks to defame them based on zero evidence. That is outrageous!

I have to say the best part of Barrett’s report are the addendum’s by the people in the IRS and the Justice Department who had to put up with his foolishness all these years:

"The inaccurate statements and unfair insinuations contained in this final report are too numerous to catalogue," said the former deputy chief of the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section. The report is "misleading, incomplete and an abuse of prosecutorial discretion," wrote the former assistant chief counsel for criminal tax matters at the IRS.

Robert S. Litt, one of the Justice Department officials involved, called Barrett's suggestions of obstruction "a scurrilous falsehood," adding that the report was "a fitting conclusion to one of the most embarrassingly incompetent and wasteful episodes in the history of American law enforcement."

Hmmm. Incompetent and wasteful. Sounds like Barrett is ready to take a job in the Bush administration.
Heck of a job, Barrie!!

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