Friday, April 01, 2005

The Slapstick Conspiracy

Pat Buchanan
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I'm suspicious. Who is behind this sudden rash of slapstick attacks on conservative pundits?

First William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, was hit in the face with a pie while speaking at Earlham College, a private Quaker college in Richmond, Ind.
Now right-wing pundit and former CNN Crossfire host Pat Buchanan gets doused with salad dressing during a speech at Western Michigan University.

These kinds of stunts always make the attackers look like idiots and build sympathy for their intended targets. Are there really a bunch of liberals running around who are stupid enough to do things like this? Well, yes. Without a doubt.
But what if it's not really liberals who are behind this? What if this is another of Karl Rove's schemes that he cooked up just to make liberals look bad? Hmmmmmmmm.
Oh, you're not convinced? Well look at the intended targets. If you were Karl Rove and wanted to make liberals look bad while building sympathy for conservatives you would then have to decide which conservatives would be the targets of these pie-throwing, salad dressing-tossing goons. You probably wouldn't want to pick your friends. Instead you might pick out some conservatives who have annoyed you in the past. Pat Buchanan and William Kristol are both solid conservatives, but both have also been staunch critics of the Bush administration at various times in the past. Pat even ran against Bush's father - twice. And Kristol is constantly nitpicking Bush administration policies in his magazine. Definitely not team players and prime candidates for the pie-in-the-face role.
If my theory is correct, then David Brooks had best watch out before he gets sprayed with a bottle of seltzer water at his next speaking event.

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