Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Shame, shame

The House Republicans caved on their plan to gut the House Ethics rules in a bid to prop up their corrupt leader Tom DeLay.

Normally, I would say that such a reversal was due to a healthy sense of shame finally asserting itself. But according to the story linked above, it was just another cold, political calculation just like everything else these Republicans do.

A spokesman for DeLay said Democrats will now lose the one talking point that Republicans believed might have been effective against them.
Wamp said the move "took the bullets right out of [Democratic leader] Nancy Pelosi's gun."

Took the bullet out of her gun.... Hmmmmm. I think the bullet was already in their ass, and that is what prompted the sudden reversal. I’m also sure that Pelosi’s smoking gun has more than just one bullet.

Expect to see more caving from this Republican Congress in the near future (i.e. Social Security privatization).

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