Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Michael Moore's Oscar goof

It looks like Michael Moore screwed himself out of an Oscar nomination this year by pulling the same kind of overreaching stunt that he did during the 2000 presidential election.
You may recall that Moore arrogantly withheld his film Farenheit 9-11 from the documentary category where it would have been a shoe-in to pick up a nomination all in the vain hope that doing so would improve his chances of securing a Best Picture nod. Well, no such luck. And if he had any sense at all he would have known better.
Farenheit had about the same chances of getting a Best Picture nomination as Ralph Nader had of winning the presidential election. Yet in 2000, Moore threw his support to Nader and thus helped pull votes away from Al Gore which proved to be crucial in George W. Bush’s election “victory.”
So Moore has learned nothing and that is too bad because his film should have at least been included in the Documentary category.
As for the other nominations, (you can read them all here) they were mostly predictable and since I haven’t seen any of the films I can’t really comment too much. I’m glad that Clint Eastwood snuck in to get a Best Actor nomination along with his Best Director nod. Likewise, I was happy to see Alan Alda’s surprise nod in the Best Supporting Actor category.
But I’m obviously not as excited about the Oscar race this year with no Lord of the Rings picture in the mix. So I’m predicting that The Aviator will sweep just about everything and Jamie Foxx will win Best Supporting Actor for Collateral to make up for losing the Best Actor trophy to Leo DiCaprio.

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