Thursday, February 20, 2003

"In the last 30 days British Prime Minister Tony Blair has held two formal press conferences during which he answered about 56 war-related questions. Bush’s same tally for that time period? Zero."
One admirable thing about the British parlimentary system is how it forces the PM to go before the House of Commons and make his case on a regular basis while answering questions (or dodging) from the opposition.

I think this laughable color-coded mess of a terror alert system is just the latest scheme by Bush's henchmen to keep our minds off of his disasterous handling of the economy.

Such brilliant and masterful handling of our foreign policy! Bush's mad rush to war is forcing us to resort to arm-twisting and bribery to get crucial allies like Turkey in line. Now Turkey is demanding we pay them $32 billion for use of their space to set up our advance war operations.
Meanwhile, we are watching financially strapped state governments back here in the U.S. toss poor children out of the Medicaid programs.

Turkey is demanding something more than our "word" that we will come through with the payment as well, and who can blame them. We already renegged on a promise to build a nuclear power plant in N.Korea and that is one of the reasons the NKs are going back on their end of the bargain and restarting their nuclear weapons program.

Let's see... Bold foreign policy moves to take our minds off of the domestic disasters... but then what do you do when the foreign policy initiatives start to run afoul? Orange Alert! Quick! Everybody run out and buy duct tape and plastic sheeting!

And then toss out Michael Jackson to the ravenous TV networks during sweeps week and Voila! No one cares anymore.

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