Monday, August 25, 2008

What we’re up against

There has been no better example of the “Any news is good news for McCain” theme in the media that Mark Halperin’s latest bit of “political analysis” for ABC News this past weekend.

So, McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns - a huge political gaffe for someone who has been trying to make the case in the campaign that the other guy is an “elitist” — and this is somehow bad news for Obama.
Halperin holds the title of “political analyst” for Time Magazine and ABC News, but it is very clear that he is little more than a Republican shill for John McCain. It would be one thing if the media would identify him accurately as a McCain partisan when he starts spouting his nonsense, but to play him up as some kind of non-partisan expert is outrageous and unfair. ABC News should have fired him on the spot after this latest idiocy. Instead, this is just a small sampling of what Democrats are up against for the rest of this campaign.

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