Saturday, August 30, 2008

The "No He Can't" Speech

You know it's coming.
Someone at the Republican Convention will have to give a speech somewhere along the lines of the "No He Can't" speech. That is, a speech that will take Obama's catch phrase "Yes We Can" and try to turn it against him while giving the delegates something to chant.
It will go something like this:
They will provide a litany of things that Obama is purported to want to do with the appropriate Republican spin and each time they will end with "No He Can't" which will be chanted in unison by the audience.
So, they will say "Obama wants to raise your taxes! No He Can't!!!
Obama wants to cut-n-run from Iraq! No He Can't!!!
Obama wants to redefine marriage to allow gays to marry! No He Can't!!!
Obama wants to prevent us from drilling for oil in wildlife preserves! No He Can't!!!
And so forth.
The question is who will give that speech?

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