Thursday, August 28, 2008

It’s the policies, Stupid!

Presidential campaigns tend to be driven by personalities and political conventions brings it all out in spades. Everyone has a story to tell and they can be heartwrenching.
We’ve heard about how Michelle Obama lost her father to MS; how Joe Biden lost his first wife and a daughter to a drunken driver when he was first elected to the Senate. We’ve heard about Hillary’s struggle to break the glass ceiling on the highest office in the land and we are going to hear lots more about Obama’s personal story tonight.
Next week, John McCain will have his own compelling story to tell about the five years he spent in a Vietnamese POW camp.
And when it comes time to vote, these are the stories that will resonate the most with voters as they go into the voting booths. But that is a shame, because the personalities and the human interest stories are really just window dressing and matter very little in the day to day functioning of our country.
It is the policies that the winning party will implement that matters the most. And what needs to be made clear to people is that after eight years of near total control of the federal government - Republican ideas DON’T WORK!!!
But Democratic ideas, as evidenced by the boom times of the Clinton years, clearly DO WORK.
Regardless of what you think about the personalities involved in this election, the only thing that really matters is which policies will be put into place and the choice comes down to the ones that have consistently failed for the last eight years, or the ones that worked great during the previous eight years. It is as simple as that.

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