Monday, October 02, 2006

The See No Evil Party

I was glad to see there are some conservatives who are at least as disgusted by the Foley scandal as I am.

If Hastert and other members of the House leadership knowingly covered up for a pedophile, then they should step down from the leadership.  They have lost the credibility and trust needed to lead. 

But they still want to give themselves wiggle room that they would most certainly not grant if the accused was a Democrat being protected by Democratic leaders in the House:

If, however, he saw some emails that were not nearly so cut and dry pedophilia but were clearly inappropriate, then I might cut him some slack.

I think it is clear that there were enough red lights going off early on to warn about Foley’s behavior that waiting for sexually explicit IMs to show up was a failure of leadership. I think it would not have taken too much prodding to find the nastier stuff, but they didn’t want to find out about it and thus chose not to look. That is inexcusable.

So when is Denny Hastert going to step down?

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