Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Democratic Senate prospects

The race for control of the U.S. Senate is getting more interesting by the day.
The Democrats essentially need to pick up five seats to wrest control from the Republicans and so far there are at least four seats that have been looking real promising.
In Pennsylvania, incumbent Republican Rick Santorum has been down by double digits to Democrat Bob Casey Jr. for almost the entire race.
In Montana, Democrat John Tester is starting to pull away from scandal-plaugued incumbent Conrad Burns.
In Ohio, Democrat Sherrod Brown has consistently held a lead over incumbent Mike DeWine for some time now.
And in Rhode Island, Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse has been ahead of RINO Lincoln Chafee since July.

Meanwhile, two more races are looking better recently:

In Tennessee, Democrat Harold Ford has pulled ahead of Republican Bob Corker in the race to replace Bill Frist.
And in Virginia, Republican George Allen’s campaign is in a full-scale meltdown over allegations of his racist past. He still has a slight lead over his Democratic challenger James Webb, but that may not last much longer at this rate.

Then in Missouri, Democrat Claire McCaskill is in striking distance of Republican Jim Talent, who had a slender 1-point lead in the latest polls.

The one problem area for Democrats is in New Jersey where Democrat Robert Menendez has recently fallen behind Republican Tom Kean Jr. in the latest polls.
But Democrats are looking good in several other races that were thought to be potentially vulnerable earlier in the year:

In Maryland, Democrat Ben Cardin has a comfortable lead over Republican Michael Steele.
And in Minnesota, Democrat Amy Klobuchar looks like she will hold on to the open seat being vacated by Sen. Mark Dayton.
Also, in Washington, Maria Cantwell is well ahead of her Republican challenger.

So assuming the Democratic tide continues to rise it is not hard to imagine a Democratic takeover of the Senate, even with a loss in New Jersey.

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