Wednesday, October 04, 2006

(Sniff! Sniff!) Do you smell sulfur?

It looks like the Prince of Darkness himself made a stop in San Antonio the other day. Vice President Dick Cheney poked his head out of his undisclosed location to briefly offer support for one of his minions - Congressman Henry Bonilla.

The vice president's hour-plus appearance before 110 GOP supporters raised more than $200,000 for Bonilla

But as one would expect with a visit from the devil, trouble follows where ever he goes:

the vice president's visit here wasn't all upbeat.
The visit triggered a traffic nightmare for motorists caught in jams as police cordoned off streets and U.S. 281 exits to allow his nine-vehicle motorcade to maneuver unimpeded.

Cheney has worse approval ratings than President Bush, and that is not easy to do these days. So I hope he gets out and campaigns for more and more Republicans these next few weeks.

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