Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Weasel editorializing

Here is a letter to the editor I just sent off to the Express-News in response to this editorial:

RE: Editorial: Children's insurance extension inadequate
Could someone on the Express-News editorial board please tell me how the Congressional Democrats are supposed to “find a middle ground that would have survived a Bush veto” when you have already made it clear that “right or wrong” President Bush won’t budge on the issue?
Doesn’t it require both sides to give up something in order to find a middle ground?
And yet, after clearly coming down on the side of SCHIP expansion, the Express-News editorial board just can’t quite bring itself to criticize their hero George W. Bush, whom they endorsed twice for president. Instead, we must cast blame on those Congressional Democrats for failing to find a non-existent middle ground.

Needless to say, I had to tone down a lot of what I really wanted to say. This is a prime example of the kind of weasel editorializing that is commonplace at the E-N these days. They say one thing, and do another. They claim to be on the side of SCHIP expansion, and then use it as an excuse to bash the side that is actually trying to accomplish that very same expansion.
Throughout the next year I am going to try and highlight every time the E-N editorializes on an issue such as SCHIP expansion which is inconsistent with their election endorsements. They pretend to take these moderate, mainstream positions, but when it comes to the only time when we can actually DO SOMETHING to make a difference on those issues (i.e. elect representatives who will support them) they suddenly turn away and back the full slate of right-wing Republicans who are antithetical to those very same issues.
For example, they claim to support SCHIP expansion, but can’t bring themselves to criticize President Bush, whose bullheadedness is the only thing keeping it from happening. And you can bet they will endorse Sen. John Cornyn, a staunch SCHIP opponent, for re-election later this year, just like they endorsed his election in the first place, and like they endorsed Henry Bonilla for Congress and every other incumbent Republican for the past dozen years or so.
When the E-N takes a position on something like SCHIP expansion, you can be sure that they are just flapping their gums and will do NOTHING to actually support it coming to fruition.

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