Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hall of Fame 2008 preview

While the Iowa caucuses are going on, here is the election I’m more interested in. Who, if anyone, will get voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year? There are 11 new names on the ballot including one of my favorite players - Chuck Knoblauch.
I don’t think Knoblauch had much of a chance even before his name came out in the Mitchell Report. I think his throwing problems that preceded his steroid use and effectively brought his MLB career to a premature conclusion settled that. Nevertheless, as a former Rookie of the Year, Gold Glove winner and lead-off hitter for the 1998, ‘99, ‘00 World Series Champion New York Yankees, I think he merits consideration. Below is the list of players eligible for election this time around:

• Brady Anderson
• Harold Baines
• Rod Beck
• Bert Blyleven
• Dave Concepcion
• Andre Dawson
• Shawon Dunston
• Chuck Finley
• Travis Fryman
• Rich Gossage
• Tommy John
• David Justice
• Chuck Knoblauch
• Don Mattingly
• Mark McGwire
• Jack Morris
• Dale Murphy
• Robb Nen
• Dave Parker
• Tim Raines
• Jim Rice
• Jose Rijo
• Lee Smith
• Todd Stottlemyre
• Alan Trammell

If I were casting a ballot I would pick:

Chuck Knoblauch
Dave Concepcion
Goose Gossage
Bert Blyleven
Andre Dawson

But my prediction for who will actually get voted in this year: Nobody. Because of the HOF’s screwed up balloting rules and the pigheadedness of so many of the sports writers who get to cast ballots.


Here is a great story about Knoblauch’s career and HOF prospects.
Also, it appears that if I had a HOF vote I would get 10 total picks, so here are my additional five choices:

Jim Rice
Tim Raines
Dale Murphy
Tommy John
Mark McGwire

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