Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Great expectations

Baseball season has started again and I’m looking forward to an enjoyable year.
Fortunately, I’m not a Cubs fan like at least one unhappy fellow I know.
I’m not sure how well the Astros will do without some more pitching support now that they have lost Andy Pettite and perhaps Roger Clemens. The first game didn’t go well with Roy Oswalt pitching a good game only to have Brad Lige and another closer lose it in the final innings. But it’s only the first game of the season.
It was kind of a strange start to the season with a lot of unexpected finishes. The Yankees got off to a good start with a 9-5 victory over the Devil Rays (are they supposed to be any good yet?). But the Chicago White Sox lost to the Indians 12-5 and the Boston Red Sox were whooped 7-1 by the hapless Kansas City Royals.
I always like this time of the year when the baseball season is fresh and the basketball season is gearing up for the playoffs. The Spurs have looked really good lately and my level of expectation for their chances in the playoffs has gone up accordingly.

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