Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The (Yawn) Oscar nominees are...

Here is the list of Academy Award nominees. Having not seen any of them, I’m not in a position to judge, but based on my perception of which films I would like to see given the choice I think the field this year is pretty lousy.
Like I said before, I will probably never see Brokeback Mountain, not because of the gay theme, but because I don’t like movies about people cheating on their spouses and breaking up families. It is all too depressing.
Nor do I have any desire to see Crash. I’m curious about Capote because of the excellent reviews Philip Seymour Hoffman has recieved for his performance, but it did not strike me as a best picture contender.
I probably will see Spielberg’s Munich at some point and I want to see Goodnight and Good Luck, which I will cheer on to win the Oscar even though I think Brokeback is going to sweep everything.
Personally, I think 100 years from now people will look back and say this was the year that Peter Jackson directed his version of King Kong, while all the other films will be long forgotten.
Quick! Which film won the Oscar in 1977? You know! The year that Star Wars came out! (At least Star Wars got a Best Picture nod that year).


Underscoring the importance of Disney’s purchase of Pixar Entertainment is the shutout of Disney’s first attempt at digital animation “Chicken Little” in the animation category. With no Pixar feature out last year, there were no digital films even nominated this year.
The nominees were the hand-drawn "Howl's Moving Castle," and the stop-motion films "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" and "Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit."

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