Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Willie and the Rangers

John McCormack has one of his typically good stories in today’s paper.

It seems that a group of high-level Texas Rangers are objecting to having their esteemed organization associated in anyway with some long-haired, pot-smoking, hell-raising, liberal outlaw country singer. Never mind the fact that Willie Nelson has long been a strong supporter of law enforcement groups in Texas. They threw a hissy fit after learning that the past chairman of the Former Texas Rangers Foundation of Kerrville had posed for a picture with Nelson and sent it out as a Christmas card in an effort to promote the organization’s fundraising efforts.

"We just have a real problem with Willie Nelson for a lot of reasons," said Capt. Barry Caver of Midland, one of nine top-ranking Rangers to complain.
"Knowing Willie's past, we would be violating department policy by being around someone like that...

I don’t want to have to be too hard on the Texas Rangers, but c’mon guys, Grow Up! You sound like a bunch of whiny little girly men. Eeewwww! He smoked marijuana once! Don’t let him touch me!!!

How sad. Already, this group’s pathetic whining has achieved results. Nelson has sent a letter stating that in order to avoid any controversy, he wished to withdraw his offer to perform at their July private gathering. Just as well. Let Willie play some where he will be appreciated and let the Rangers try and get someone who meets their high moral standards to come and perform at their party. I would suggest John Ashcroft and/or Orrin Hatch.

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